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– Diabetic Friendly Formula

– With Whey Protein For Toning Assistance

– Enjoy Chilled Or As A Hot Latte


It is often the case that slimming or toning programes may limit calorie intake which can have a negative effect on nutrition in general specifically the skin, hair and nails. This state of malnutrition can leave the hair thin, the nails brittle and skin may lose its elastic properties.

Muscle Wellness Beauty Lean is an all-in-one food supplement that may aid in slimming as well as have a beautifying effect on the skin, hair and nails.

Collagen is an essential nutrient for healthy skin and nails and forms the basis for the elastic nature of skin, a deficiency in collagen may result in pre-mature wrinkles, brittle nails and thin hair. For this reason Muscle Wellness Beauty Lean uses top quality collagen in its formula as well as adding biotin which is an essential nutrient in hair health.

The whey protein is very good for lean muscle repair post- workout and also helps provide a feeling of fullness so that one can use this as snack replacement throughout the day.

Muscle Wellness Beauty Lean also focuses on the metabolism. L-Carnitine is used in the energy centres of the body called the mitochondria, and it is here that your metabolism can be increased to burn more calories whilst resting. Lastly but not least the superfoods Maca root and Acai berry are awesome in providing the body with antioxidants needed for fighting off illness when under a strict diet or exercise regime.



Basic Frappe Recipe:

1 level scoop Frappe powder into 100ml water or milk. Add 200ml (105g )of ice . Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Or as a Hot Latté:

Dissolve 1 level scoop into 300ml of steamed milk. Stir using a spoon and enjoy the delicious Latté.



Muscle Wellness Whey is not medicine, has not been tested and evaluated by the MCC and in no way is meant to cure, treat, prevent any disease or disorder. Supplements are best utilised in conjunction with a healthy diet and goal orientated exercise routine. Always consult your healthcare professional before making changes to your diet or exercise routine.


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